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About Sofia

A summary of my skills and expertise in the field of product design includes a strong understanding of creating successful user experiences, from user research to helping implement design systems.

My focus is on design thinking and user needs by having a user-centered approach to design, which is important in creating products that people love and want to use.

I see myself as a critical thinker, trend-finder, strategist, and collaborator highlighting my ability to not only create beautiful and functional designs but also to approach design challenges from a strategic perspective and work effectively with others.

UX Design Lead,
Prototyping, Desktop/Tablet/Mobile
Illustration, Graphics, Front End Development
B2B & B2C

Case Studies

NIKE Operations Workspace
Created end-to-end designs. This included implementing an exception page filtering system to improve the user experience within the end-to-end Nike Operations Workspace.

By enabling users to easily filter and sort through data, they are now able to quickly find the information they need, saving time and increasing productivity. 


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AMAZON Supplier Portal
Delivered a platform that has an integrated view of movement of both information and the physical goods/ services. This saved the procurement teams and the suppliers 18-30 hours in a week that can be directed towards process improvement and other types of work these roles were intended for.

The site now offers real time order visibility, automation and streamlined business processes.

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BCG Consulting 
Delivered 2 successful projects in the healthcare industry. Understanding user behavior in the industry for BCG was essential for delivering solutions.

While in New York I spent many hours researching competitors and identifying growth opportunities which enabled me to gain valuable insights.

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Created a solution & design for the Microsoft Support site that was easy to use, efficient, and effective in helping users achieve their goals of maximizing uptime and mitigating risks.

These improvements were a success and the overall Qualtric’s metrics showed a high touch point of traffic and transparency.

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VP of Sales, Wireless BU at Edgecore Networks | Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Partnerships | OpenWiFi and Wi-Fi

While Employed with SMC Networks, Inc., Sofia was a leading performer. She willingly and effectively executed the responsibilities of her position with great care and ability. Sofia’s knowledge in the digital landscape was essential in our ability to maintain the service level that SMC is known for in the industry. While employed, Sofia had exhibited dedication to her position, setting an example for others in the department. Sofia’s strengths lie in creativity, technical capabilities and in problem solving. She is quick and effective when given a goal or a deadline and asked to meet it. Sofia was responsible for planning and overseeing the execution of SMC’s print and email marketing programs which had very high results, as well as designing a new interface for SMC’s worldwide website. Sofia has retained a good relationship with everyone she has worked with.

Trond Flagstad

President @ US Facilities Solutions | US Facilities Lighting | Microgrid Energy Production | Energy Savings, and Sustainability Tech. | Zero CAPEX - Energy Savings as a Service.

I have known Sofia Wolters since 2002, and since then I have managed two different companies. Both of these of companies have had its ecommerce and web presence successfully developed by Sofia. I/we have found Sofia to be very creative, on time with her delivery of functional solutions, skilled at bringing the right message to our potential and current clients, and on the forefront of trends when it comes to ecommerce. I have recommended Sofia to other business associates, as well as industry competitors, who have seen our web site(s) and wanted to know the name of our development firm. Needless to say, Sofia stands out in a field where an “off-the-shelf” ecommerce solution is not an option. Happy clients return, and we intend to use Sofia on future ecommerce projects.

Frank Berry

Vice President Marketing at MemVerge

Sofia is a self-motivated, results-oriented internet professional that left QLogic with a track record of successful site deployments and brand development. At QLogic Sofia was responsible for developing creative and messaging via graphic design, coding of communications and managing delivery through CRM systems which included multiple public and private sites. During Sofia’s tenure at QLogic, she led the successful deployment of QLogic on a Stellent platform and two years later on SharePoint. In preparation for the Stellent implementation, Sofia led the creative effort that resulted in the graphic design and navigation still used today. In summary, Sofia possesses a combination of high powered creative and technical skills that enable her to contribute to the success of any web and marketing team.

Dana Blincoe

Graphic Designer, Creative Partners @ Optum

I had the pleasure of working with Sofia for several years at MetLife, we became a part of a great team in the Strategic Marketing Annuity Department. We conceptualized and manage creative graphic solutions for print and web on several MetLife campaigns. During that time, she proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. With her positive attitude, Sofia was always well prepared for our creative meetings initiating brainstorming sessions that helped us meet our weekly goals. I was particularly impressed by Sofia’s knowledge of multimedia, software programs, her ability for a fast turn around and attention to detail. She inspired me to achieve higher goals and encouraged me to reach out past my boundaries. Sofia is an asset to any creative environment.


New York – Harvey Communication Measurement Award, in recognition for advertising, which achieved outstanding readership response.

October Top Honors at MarCom Awards!

October “Gold Award” “The Retirement Re-Inspired” campaign.

February USB Marketing Employee Recognition “innovation winner” for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Mobile App.

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